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Rent Freeze

On Tuesday 12 September 2023, I asked the Premier whether this government would introduce a rent freeze in accordance with what three-quarters of Australians want.

You can read my question and the answer below, or find the full transcript and video link in the official Queensland Parliament Record of Proceedings (Hansard)


My question is for the Premier. According to the latest Essential poll, three in four Australians want governments to freeze or cap rents. With Labor’s popularity plummeting in the polls, will the government listen to what the majority of everyday people want and freeze rents? 



Mr Speaker, I rise to a point of order. There were inferences in that question and I ask that it be ruled out of order.  



I am going to allow the question, but I will allow the Premier flexibility in terms of how she responds.  



We on this side of the House have introduced perhaps the most broad-ranging rental reforms in this country. In fact, when I was at National Cabinet, Queensland was held up as a benchmark in terms of the amount of reform we had done to assist people who are renting properties. We have also made sure that people get rent increases only once a year. I thank the member for the question. It is great to see that finally, after months, the Greens have decided to help pass federal Labor’s legislation in terms of the housing fund which will release more dollars and allow even more housing. For a party that advocates for people in housing, it took months to get to this point. I note the ironic contradiction from the member.

We appreciate that there are hundreds of thousands of people renting at the moment and that they are facing issues when it comes to the payment of that rent. That is one of the reasons we have a very strong tenants advisory body, which, I remind members, those opposite saw fit to abolish when they were in office. That was their commitment to housing in this state.  


Minister for Housing:

Rental subsidy scheme.



That is right: the rental subsidy scheme. On this side of the House we will always back more housing. Unlike those opposite who, under successive LNP leaders, cut funding to remote Indigenous housing, we on this side of the House are absolutely committed to more funding for housing and ensuring that people have a roof over their head. This government has also provided assistance to over 200,000 families that have been doing it tough. There is important support for emergency housing. I thank the current Minister for Housing and the former Minister for housing for buying up residential complexes that can be used for housing. It was great that I had the opportunity to meet with people in their homes. It makes a real difference to have a roof over their head and have secure housing.  

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