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Question about Social Housing Selloffs, April 2021

Question without Notice to the Minister for Communities and Housing

April 22, 2021

Amy MacMahon:

My question is for the Minister for Communities and Housing.

Since launching the Housing Strategy in 2017, has the government sold off public housing dwellings on the private market?

Leeanne Enoch:

I thank the member for the question. When you are managing a large body of properties, in terms of end-of-life stock there is always a bit of movement in order to produce more properties. For instance, we know that since 2016 this government has seen an increase in the total number of social homes by 2,175 dwellings. That is a fact. The Housing Construction Jobs Program, our $1.6 billion investment in social and affordable housing, is all about ensuring that we have the right mix -

Amy MacMahon:

Mr Speaker, I rise to a point of order in terms of relevance under standing order 118. The question was about the sale of housing.


Minister, I have heard your answer. I would ensure that you are aware of the direct question that was asked. If you could return to that question.

Leeanne Enoch:

This has been the normal practice of governments that manage social housing properties for many decades—being able to move from some properties into building more properties. If the member for South Brisbane paid attention at all, she would know that is happening in her own electorate. We have been able to secure 32 new units at Woolloongabba which have just been completed. There are another 40 accommodation units at South Brisbane that have commenced—supporting 24 jobs—and that is because we have been able to move from some properties into other properties and invest that in the building of new units

This government has been investing in new properties right across the state, and that has been evidenced by many of the MPs from this side of the House who have been out and about visiting those locations. The member for Bundamba went and had a look at a three-storey building and saw 18 new one-bedroom units. The member for Jordan visited a place under construction where we saw two four-bedroom detached houses being built. The member for Mackay looked at 10 one-bedroom apartments, and the list goes on. Even the member for Southport turned up outside one of the buildings that is being funded by the Queensland government to support the great construction that is happening to increase affordable and social housing and crisis housing in Queensland as a result of this government’s $1.6 billion investment. 

The member for South Brisbane, who represents the Greens along with the member for Maiwar, are two of the most privileged people you would meet. They are non-Indigenous lawyers, in terms of their diversity, who should be focused on the people who really need their help. Those are the ones that we are— (Time expired)

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