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Social Housing Spending

My question is to the Treasurer. In relation to the 2020 budget forecast that $40 million would be generated each year from the Housing Investment Fund, how much has been generated in actual terms to date, and how much of this has been allocated towards building social homes?

I thank the member for the question. We will update that in the budget. You do not have to wait too long, member for South Brisbane; you will be seeing that.

Through the chair, please, Treasurer.

We are getting good returns on our billion dollar investment. I am bit disappointed, because I did a ministerial statement in the House. Maybe you were not in the House; I am not sure. I talked about the more than 110 homes we are going to build in Redcliffe and Chermside. I explained that very clearly. I talked about the Build-to-Rent program that has delivered hundreds more affordable homes for Queenslanders which we started as a government.

I appreciate getting a question from the Greens political party, as I always do, because this shows the very clear contrast. There is only one political party in this state that always delivers social and affordable housing. I have read the fantasy policies of the Greens political party: building tens of thousands of public homes without any costing. Or if the costing is there, it is tens of billions of dollars without any economic basis upon which that can be delivered.

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