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Public green space not luxury towers: protect Shafston House

Shafston House developers are back with another ridiculous proposal.

Back in March after sustained community push back, the state government agency that assesses applications on state heritage sites said – among other things – the developers needed to:

  • Reconsider the location, scale, bulk, form and architectural detailing of the proposed 15-storey tower next to the heritage house
  • Provide a visual impact assessment demonstrating how this 15-storey tower will not become the dominant structure on this state heritage place

But what the developers have come back with is a proposal that looks almost exactly the same as the old but just with a few small changes:

  • The 15-storey luxury apartment building has been reduced by a tiny 5.3m, shifted a little further away from Shafston House and its colour changed
  • Some of the future preliminary approvals the developer had proposed for other parts of the site have been withdrawn

Our area absolutely needs more public and affordable housing right now, but what it doesn’t need is a luxury riverfront apartment tower.

Help us fight back. Use the form to both:

  • Send a quick email submission to the Council on the development application and;
  • Email the Deputy Premier and Minister for Heritage to tell the state government to reject this development on heritage grounds.


Need more information about what has been happening on this site? Head here.